Sunday, December 15, 2013

Linus, the Vegetarian T. Rex by Robert Neubecker - ADVISABLE

Neubecker, Robert. Linus, the Vegetarian T. Rex. Unpaged. 2013. Beach Lane Books. $16.99
Picture book.

Ruth Ann is a proud member of the Natural History Museum, and very knowledgeable about natural history subjects, especially dinosaurs. So when she enters a new Cretaceous Surprises exhibit for the first time, she is not expecting to be surprised, but she is. Of course, what surprises Ruth Ann is given away to the reader in the title. What does surprise the reader, however, is a museum exhibit with walking, talking extinct creatures. 

Despite the fancifulness of such a museum experience, this story reminds us that there is always something new to learn, even about our favorite subjects, and that we can be ourselves no matter what others may expect. While neither the story nor the illustrations are spectacular, kids love books with dinosaurs, and this one will be no exception. They also will enjoy finding the velociraptors hidden in many of the illustrations. Teachers could use it to compare a character's point of view with that of the reader. (Note: the author lives in Utah.)

EL - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: PKFoster, K-5 teacher-librarian

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